In a recent post, I have preached Messi as the best most talented footballer to ever tie up the laces. I stand by that statement even though I am on the other side of this rivalry as a Ronaldo supporter. I think when it comes to footballing ability Ronaldo isn’t even close to Messi. He is a ridiculous athlete; off the ball, he is quicker and with his jumping prowess being over level 9000 he is better in the air. But literally everything else Messi is just so much better and more impactful. It’s not that Messi can score or…

I am a 21-year-old Arsenal Fan. I try to watch every game, I follow the team excessively, follow all transfers and rumors and support them no matter who comes and goes. Yeah, I know poor me right? But there is always a reason behind such a commitment. My love for the club started on a famous Champions League Wednesday night in 2011. ARSHHAVVVIIIIIIN… You know what I´m talking about if you saw the game. Arsenal drew the famous Barcelona for the round of 16 in the Champions League. Now for some context, that Barcelona team was and probably still is…

Seung-Il Lee

Just sharing my thoughts. Tries to stay objective yet express my ideas. Mostly nice.

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